No one brings clarity and accountability to the residential lending industry like Waterstone Mortgage Corporation

Our Values

Every company is defined by its core values. At Waterstone Mortgage, we have a set of distinguishable values that make us who we are. Our values not only positively impact our employees, but our clients as well!

Expertise. A singular focus on residential lending.

Discipline. Predictable steadiness in a rapidly changing industry/economy.

Innovation. Service-oriented technology to maximize convenience.

Honesty. Courageous communication at all times.

Simplicity. Clarity and brevity for the sake of the homebuyer.

Responsiveness. Prompt attention to customers and business partners.

“We take the confusion and anxiety out of the mortgage process so our customers have a clear path to their dream of homeownership.”

Our Purpose

One of the most significant perks of working for a mortgage lender is the opportunity to play an active role in helping people achieve their homeownership dreams. For many of our clients, this is one of the most significant and meaningful accomplishments of their lifetime.

Seeing our clients experience the joy that comes with homeownership is a benefit in and of itself, but knowing that we helped them get to that point is even more rewarding.

At the end of the day, we know that this is our true purpose. It’s not about the number of clients we serve or the number of home loans we close. It’s about serving the people who are benefitting from the home loan process, and giving them the sense of joy and security that comes with owning a home.


Commitment to Clients

The Waterstone goal is to close every mortgage loan on time, so our clients can start enjoying their new homes sooner rather than later.

Responsible Growth

We seek to partner and employ mortgage professionals that understand the value and importance of helping people achieve their homeownership goals.

Talented Teams

From our corporate departments to our branch teams, we are a highly collaborative company – and we enjoy watching our teams thrive.

Eye on the Future

Our forward-thinking culture and commitment to innovative technology ensures that we are on the cutting edge of our industry.


What Our Employees Say

Our Executive Team