Whether it’s our open-door policy or the high-level of service we provide our homebuyers, Waterstone Mortgage is unique among companies in the mortgage industry. Waterstone Mortgage employees are continuously encouraged to leave reviews and testimonials. We’re different because we know transparency, and open and honest communication with our employees is important to the success of Waterstone Mortgage’s future.

We use employee feedback (from top-level staff to interns) to listen and become a better company so we can continue to attract great talent — like you!


Waterstone Mortgage allows me to own my professional development. Through opportunities such as conferences, trainings, certifications, and one-on-one relationships with management, the continued development I receive benefits the company as a whole and has resulted in a strategic partnership between employees.

- Jennifer Paske

One of my favorite aspects of Waterstone Mortgage is the growth opportunities that are provided. I started with this company 10 years ago as an administrative assistant and have been able to evolve into positions like a branch liaison, and continue work all the way up to where I am now as the Vice President of National Field Support. I think that the advancement opportunities that this company affords is very rare compared to other corporations of our size. Waterstone Mortgage is also a stable company. We’re in a unique position because we’re bank owned, which gives the company stability from a financial standpoint, but we’re also stable because of the time and effort our executive team takes to put the best people in the right positions. With the right leadership and employees in place, our company has fostered a culture that promotes teamwork, flexibility, collaboration, and great communication.

- Amy Stierwalt

If you’re the kind of person who wants to feel like a part of the group and feel as though you’re making change, then Waterstone Mortgage is the perfect place for you. Prior to joining this company, I was working as a consultant and missed that team and family feeling; I found what I was missing when I came here. At Waterstone I’m able to be part of the growth and feel like I belong. Waterstone Mortgage is a high-energy and progressive company. When you’re here, you can feel the energy of the other associates – knowing that they have a sense of purpose with their work. Our employees are never complacent, and with direction from President & CEO Eric Egenhoefer, we are consistently moving forward. I enjoy being with my team every day because we believe in collaboration and supporting each other. And that positive direction trickles down directly from the executive team. When you have a company structure such as ours that is so thoughtful and kind, it nurtures a successful company for employees and clients.

- Kate Johnson

Waterstone Mortgage is always on the forefront of technology. Our President & CEO, Eric Egenhoefer, is very innovative in how he thinks; he puts the right people, products, and goals in place to secure our reputation for having the best technology in the industry. We also get the autonomy to create proprietary technology — we don’t just use what everyone else in the market is using, we put a lot of time and effort into creating technology that is designed to meet the needs of our customers. I’m proud of a lot of the programs that we’ve built from the ground up, using the great teams that we have in place. I’m very lucky in the sense that I’m able to get exposure to executive-level employees and have the opportunity develop a relationship with them. Being able to interact with executives on a daily basis, as well as on a project level, is essential because we’re able to use the knowledge and expertise that they offer to enhance key programs. One of our biggest goals — from a technology standpoint — is that we want to make everything more efficient. My job as a Solutions Manager is to provide solutions so that the field, and our clients, get things done in a quicker, easier way. That’s why one of my favorite projects that I’ve worked on to date is Waterstone Mobile. We wanted to give our employees and customers the best option to do mortgage lending on the go. We take on these challenges, like creating a mobile app, because we feel that it is not only important, but essential to have the best technology possible.

- Steve Lawrence

The morale, environment, and atmosphere of Waterstone Mortgage make me proud to work here. Everyone I interact with, from my peers to the executives, always make me feel welcomed and appreciated. You can tell that Waterstone Mortgage values their employees. I come into work every day for more than just a paycheck; my managers encourage me to continue to grow and advance in my career. They give me pointers and suggestions on how to be more effective, and also guide me on how to improve my industry knowledge with tools like trainings and webinars. They take my interests and show me ways to become a better associate. I really enjoy the way that I feel valued as an employee. Between the Rockstar award, Employee Engagement events, the quarterly update, and other benefits, you can feel that upper management here cares about their employee’s growth and happiness. It’s a great motivation to put in the extra effort for both myself and the company.

- Shemya Wright

"Waterstone Mortgage's emphasis on closing loans on time is critical to what we do and how we're perceived in our market. We have always focused on getting loans closed quickly, and — generally speaking — we are the leader in all of our markets on turn times." David Holbrook is the Waterstone Mortgage Florida Regional Manager, based in Winter Park, Florida. Along with two other branch managers, he manages the largest branch (and their satellites) in the company. David has been with Waterstone Mortgage Corporation for nine years, and has more than 13 years of experience in the mortgage lending and financial services industries.

- David Holbrook

"Our product lineup is as diverse as it can possibly be. We have portfolio products through our bank, which is another big benefit of being bank-owned, and we're always looking to expand that box." Chris Fleming is the Waterstone Mortgage Corporation Branch Manager in Gilbert, Arizona. He manages one of the most successful Waterstone Mortgage branches, with three of the company’s top 10 producers working under his leadership. Chris has worked in the mortgage lending industry for more than 20 years.

- Chris Fleming

"I think our systems and technology [at Waterstone Mortgage] are amazing. With Connect, I'm able to check a loan status and pull up an appraisal on my phone. I can be out in the field - I don't have to be in front of my computer pinging people for a status update." Jasmine Krnjetin is a Mortgage Banker in the Atlanta, Georgia-based Waterstone Mortgage Corporation office. She has been with Waterstone Mortgage since 2015, and has more than 16 years of experience in the mortgage lending industry. Jasmine is a member of the Waterstone Mortgage President’s Club – Diamond Level, which is earned by being one of the top 10 loan originators in the company.

- Jasmine Krnjetin

"My whole career, I attended conferences and conventions, and heard industry experts talk about tracking my leads, creating and marketing to my database, having a lead follow-up system, and — most importantly — building a team to support my production. It was not until I joined Waterstone Mortgage that I had a company actually show me how to build a team, who to hire first, and what each person’s role would be. Waterstone Mortgage even gave me the tools to track my leads, create and maintain a database, and market to my prospects." Dustin Owen is the Waterstone Mortgage Corporation Florida Regional Manager, located in Winter Park, Florida. Along with two other branch managers, he manages the largest branch (and their satellites) in the company. Dustin has been with Waterstone Mortgage for nine years and has more than 13 years of experience in the mortgage lending and financial services industries. Dustin is also a 5-year member of the Waterstone Mortgage President’s Club, which includes the company’s top 25 loan originators and branch managers.

- Dustin Owen

"Working at Waterstone Mortgage has changed my life. When I left my previous company, I was out of control. I was working 60 hours a week; I didn’t really see my kids. I came over to Waterstone Mortgage and I have work-life balance again. Plus, I’m making almost twice as much money as I was before." Keena Maher is the Waterstone Mortgage Corporation Branch Manager in Maple Grove, Minnesota. She has been with Waterstone Mortgage since 2009 and has 20+ years of experience in the mortgage lending and financial services industries. Keena is also a 5-year member of the Waterstone Mortgage President’s Club, which includes the company’s top 25 loan originators and branch managers.

- Keena Maher

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